“The Crime of Soldier / Torto The Soldier”. An elderly Nazi criminal lives in Vienna under a false name and works as a postman. Often he has to deliver mail to the Wiesenthal Center. One day, by chance, he discovers the Jewish Kabbalah and starts studying it: he believes’s he will find the secret reason of Nazism’s defeat and of Jewish resistance.
He lives with His Daughter who takes care of him but anche refuses him at the same time . He believes’s the crime of soldiers is only one: to be defeated in war. She opposes him with a different truth: the crime of soldiers is obedience.
The Jewish Kabbalah and an episode on the mountains accelerated the events between the two.
The story’s aim is to tell the experience of Those Who discover to be offspring of an entire generation of war criminals. Absolutely new is the old Nazi’s obsessive research into the Kabbalah, till he ends up finding a prophecy about him.
The old man in Nazi stays till the end but you do slowly Generates the revenge of a population against him. Take That Executes sentences are to blackberries efficient than Those of tribunals.

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