Directed by Cristina Puccinelli, Stella Amore is a girl and her shoe size is 28 and a half. Today is a very important day for her, because she is about to fulfill her greatest dream: being an actress. But the magic world of cinema is not as magic as she thought, it is also made of people that no longer believe in dreams, and on the contrary some of them like to destroy them. How will Stella react to this new cruel and silly reality? Starring Gaia De Laurentiis, Eleonora Gentileschi and Cristina Puccinelli.

Pictures by Giuseppe Chiantera

Starring: Eleonora Gentileschi, Gaia De Laurentis, Cristina Puccinelli, Massimo De Lorenzo, Emanuele Salce, Lucianna de Falco, Alfonso Postiglione, Adelmo Togliani, Cristian De Sante, Fabio Morici, Francesco Bonelli, Maria Teresa Ricci


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