Frontiera liquida
Today marks the second anniversary of the sinking of Lampedusa that killed at least 366 people. On this day in Lampedusa remember those victims, along with all of those wrecks, of which it is not possible to estimate certain. Some, however, are the lifeless bodies recovered in the Mediterranean: 2600 in the first six months of 2015. It is estimated that approximately 60 million men and women migrant refugees on our planet. In the 28 countries of the European Union (representing a continent, despite the crisis, the richest economy in the world and is being described as besieged and invaded by the migratory flow) in 2014 asylum applications were 626mila. Just 1 percent of those 60 million people who are forced into exile by war and persecution. Tomorrow, October 4, at the International Festival of Ferrara, will be presented the new video directed and produced by the campaign LasciateCIEntrare - Never Cie, with photographs by Massimo Sestini, winner of the Word Press Photo 2015 for shooting the boat of migrants off the Libyan coast, and some thoughts of the writer and poet Erri De Luca to comment the images. Those images, lives on the edge and broken lives, weigh on the minds of all. And dovono us just say: traffickers to death, to the sellers of illusions, who makes propaganda of those deaths. Just for those seeking shortcuts with laws that deny rights, fueling lawlessness and desperation. To ask an act of political courage: to abandon the easy road of consent to take the difficult but fruitful social justice. A policy that is able to turn those fears into hopes. No one, on immigration, has the recipe in your pocket. But the strongest element of our multi-ethnic society - a fact, like it or displease someone - requires us to find the difficult balance between acceptance and legality. E \'game in the social, economic and cultural development of a country that has been a migrant, who stretched out his hands in the past by finding other ready to afferrale. We loved the Odyssey, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe, Sinbad and trips Conrad. We readers of privateers and sailors. What is lacking for not being with the acrobats today? Without jumping over the barbed wire rod, marchers marathon deserts, stacked traveling in the gas chambers of the holds, in cold refrigerator, container, linked to the axle of trucks? (Erri de Luca, the Mediterranean. Our Frontier liquid)


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