The story of a woman erased from history A great historical novel by Mary Novik The scandalous story of the woman who shocked the papacy and was erased from history and the daughter of a prostitute born among the narrow, dark Avignon, Solange has the gift of clairvoyance. When at the age of five years is an orphan, the Benedictine nuns welcome the thinking that is destined to become a saint. But at fifteen, Solange escape his fate and tries luck as scribe. In a city corrupted by power, he falls in love with Petrarca and finds herself in a love triangle with Laura, the woman the poet worshiped from afar. Away from her lover, and scorned as scribe because woman, Solange turns into one of the most powerful courtesans of Avignon. When news of his extraordinary gifts reaches the ear of the pope, Solange becomes the lover and confidante of Clement VI, who introduces the most famous in the salons of Europe, where she meets the most important artists and intellectuals. But Solange is hated by the Italians, led by Petrarch, they are trying to force the pope to return to Rome. Then, a lunar eclipse darkens the sky, and the plague killed a third of the population of the city is the divine wrath that he rails against the excesses of court. So, Solange will be forced to defend itself against a bloody conspiracy and, once again, to reinvent itself. Courtesan, seer and fugitive His name is forgotten His history is a mystery Who was that intriguing woman who fell in love with the pope? \\\” Fans of Possession and The Girl with a Pearl Earring will love this novel by Mary Novik, a great contemporary author. \\\” Vancouver Sun have written about Mary Novik: \\\”It\\\’s hard to believe that a novel like this has come to a city like Vancouver The outpost of the New World. \\\” Vancouver reviews \\\”An extraordinary book … Lovely as Orlando by Virginia Woolf and erudite and pleasant as Antonia Byatt\\\’s Possession.\\\” Quill & Quire Director: Emanuele Sana Booktrailer Prize winner awarded by BEST DIRECTOR Jury Cinema and Advertising for \\\”Caffeine Booktrailer Festival 2013.\\\”


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